Making vanilla frosting for your Christmas Bakes? Then you wouldn’t want to miss this healthier prep!

We are starting a new series of posts to introduce the baking kits we bring into Batterful, sharing our inspiration, our inventions with our baker, as well as the experimentations we did to make this recipe right.

The Inspiration

One of our customers, Cheris, reached out to us mentioning that she loves cake but would prefer it in smaller sizes, as she often does not have the right sizes cake pans for the bakes. This inspired us to look into the possibility of Mini-Cakes and provide mini-cake cases for baking.

Recalling back, the first thing we asked her was, “What would you like?” Like everyone’s favourite, chocolates were in the mix and thus began our hunt for the best bakes we could offer. Our immediate thought was to create a lava-like cake with rich chocolate filling.

The Invention

We sat down with our baker, @Butterthimble and with our combined expertise and research, we manage to come out with a few variations of a lava cake. To add to a nice finishing touch, we went ahead and incorporated some components of ‘Red Velvet’ into our Mini-Cakes. The recipe highly emphasises on using quality chocolates and cocoa powder for a rich chocolatey experience, and ensuring the recipe is sufficiently moist to increase the success of the lava core.

The Experimentation

Our first test bake failed to create a lava core. The combined rich chocolate also made the bake too sweet which we needed to change. We cut down the sugar and swapped out the chocolate with higher cocoa content. The result was astonishing delicious!

Subsequently, we tested with variations of temperature and timing to find the best condition to create the lava core succesfully. At the end of the day, we felt a great sense of satisfaction as we saw lava spill out repeatedly (and a ton of mini-cakes to eat too!).

One main tweak we did to create the lava moist was the addition of applesauce. Not only healthy, it added much needed moist to make the lava more flowly yet creating a perfect outer crust. Finally, we finished the recipe and decorated with icing sugar to make it pleasing to the eye!

Our Thoughts

We really liked this recipe as it was fun to make and the results were rewarding. The chocolates were heavenly and the mini-cakes meant it was easy to share at the office.

If you have any thoughts or would like to contribute stories to your own bakes, feel free to write in to us at